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Fengshui Readings

by Master Ten Li

Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
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Welcome to the first site on the World Wide Web to offer the public an automatic fengshui reading so you can easily find out your four lucky and four unlucky directions. When you orient your favorite rooms to the lucky directions, you will channel vital qi, and therefore good fortune, into your life.














If you are divining your current home, you must first draw a floor plan. Then divide that plan into eight equal portions like cutting a pizza pie. Imagine trying to fit a perfect octagon (like the one on the previous page) within the outer walls of your house. Your plan should look something like this:













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Enter the information on the left exactly as requested, then click on the submit button. You will be transported to one of eight unique halls (Water, Mountain, Thunder, Wood, Fire, Earth, Lake, or Heaven), representing the direction and element of your birth. When you arrive at your hall, click on each of the eight directions in the fengshui octagon and learn the proper function for the room in that portion of your house.
















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