"Ancient Chinese Divination is a well-conceived and well-crafted book that will have wide appeal. Written by a specialist in early Chinese thought, it is grounded in solid scholarship without being overly technical. For anyone interested in the roots and general development of Chinese divination, this volume is an excellent starting place." - Richard Smith, Rice University"


In China, the art of divination (the act of seeking prophetic information to avoid misfortune) had a profound influence on the rise of medicine, science, government, and, most importantly, philosophy and religion. This book begins by explaining how divination evolved in China from the Neolithic age until the classical period and then describes how new forms of divination developed directly and indirectly out of the ancient traditions.

About the Author

Stephen L. Field is the J. K. and Ingrid Lee Professor of Chinese and Co-Director of the EAST Center at Trinity University, San Antonio.